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NHA Featured Physicians

Alan Goldhamer, D.C.

Board Member
Alan Goldhamer, D.C., is a chiropractor and director of the TrueNorth Health Clinic in Penngrove, California, a multi-discipline outpatient clinic and in-patient residential health care program specializing in medically supervised water-only fasting. He is a graduate of Western States Chiropractic College. He is board certified... more

Frank Sabatino, D.C.

Dr. Frank Sabatino is the past Health Director of the Regency Wellness Resort and Spa in Hallandale, FL where he cared for, lectured and inspired thousands of people over the past 24 years. He is currently the director of the Balance for Life Retreat in Deerfield Beach, FL where he offers vegan nutrition, health rejuvenation,... more

Stephan Esser, M.D.

Stephan Esser, M.D., is a board-certified physician, author, and motivational speaker specializing in spine injuries, sports medicine, and lifestyle modification. He is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve their best health and maximize fitness, fun, and function. Dr. Esser completed a bachelor of science at Palm... more

Michael Klaper, M.D.

Michael Klaper, M.D., is a gifted teacher, clinician and author of successful books and videos on cholesterol-free nutrition. He believes strongly that proper nutrition and a balanced lifestyle are essential for health, and in many cases make the difference between healing an illness or merely treating the symptoms. Dr. Klaper... more

Keki R. Sidhwa, ND, DO

Keki Sidhwa was born in Bombay, India of Parsi, Zoroastrian parents. After studying in Bombay University, he graduated from the Edinburgh College of Natural Therapeutics and the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy. He has been in private practice since 1952; co-founder and president of the British National Hygiene... more