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Health Science Fall 2020

Publication Date: 
October, 2020

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An Interview with Dean Sherzai, MD, PhD Mark Huberman interviews Dr. Dean Sherzai, who codirects the Alzheimer’s Prevention Program at Loma Linda University with his wife, neurologist Ayesha Sherzai, where they work to prevent dementias and promote lifelong brain health.

Allergy and Food Sensitivity Dr. Frank Sabatino reveals the mechanisms behind allergies and their effects on the body, offering insight into how lifestyle and nutritional factors can help.

Understanding and Treating Migraines Dr. Sophie Lorn takes a look at the causes of migraines and explains how a multi-faceted approach can offer relief.

Every Dog Can Be a Vegan Dog Linda Middlesworth, cofounder with her husband, Dave, of V-dog, shares their story of passion, research, and commitment to provide quality vegan food for dogs.

Physician Spotlight: Escape from the Pleasure Trap Dr. Anthony Streutker reveals how his life‘s path led him to TrueNorth, where his outlook on life and views on practicing medicine were transformed.  

Letters & Notes

Testimonial:  The Power of a Light-Bulb Moment: Commitment to a WFPB, SOS-free lifestyle and fasting cured her cancer by Midge Steuber.

Recipes:  Tami Kramer shares her love of living a whole-food, plant-based, oil-free lifestyle.

Spotlight on Members: Lin Silvan, Karen and Dennis Skoworodk

IAHP Physicians List:  Members of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians

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Every Dog Can Be a Vegan Dog

Linda Middlesworth, Co-Founder with her husband, Dave, of V-Dog, shares their story of passion, research, and commitment to provide quality vegan... more