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Health Science Spring 2001

Publication Date: 
March, 2001

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Mad Cow Disease: The Whole Truth
Barbara Ferguson Kennedy updates us on Mad Cow Disease in her interview with Howard Lyman.

Children’s Birthday Parties — A Mother’s Solution
Lauren Rosenstadt offers advice on how to turn birthday parties into a healthy win-win situation for the entire family.

Your Teeth and Your Health
Robert B. Johnson, D.D.S., discusses the relationship between your teeth and your health.


Featured Articles

Your Teeth and Your Health

by Robert B. Johnson, D.D.S. Chronic health and pain problems have only a few underlying causes: toxicity, infections, structural imbalances, and... more

Children's Birthday Parties -- A Mother's Solution

by Lauren Rosenstadt I have often been asked how to handle the traditional fare served at children’s birthday parties. I developed the following... more

Mad Cow Disease: The Whole Truth

In the following interview for Health Science, Howard Lyman, who first came to prominence in the Mad Cow Disease controversy in the 1990s, restates... more