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Health Science Spring 2018

Publication Date: 
May, 2018

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An Interview with Chef AJ  Mark Huberman interviews Chef AJ about her journey to health, eating to the left of the red line, her new book, The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss, and much more!

Health-care Data Paints a Disturbing Picture  Dr. Frank Sabatino takes a hard look at how standard medical treatments and how they undermine our own internal resources for healing.

Should Men Have a PSA Test?  Dr. Pam Popper answers the question of whether or not men should have a PSA test, the results of which can lead to unnecessary biopsy and prostatectomy.

What’s Up with Sugar?  Dr. Csilla Veress breaks down the different types of sugars, how too much sugar affects health, why we love it so much, and why it’s so hard to resist.

Balance for Life  Mark Huberman reports on his recent visit to the Balance for Life Health and Fitness Retreat in Deerfield Beach, Florida, a great place to fast and eat!


Letters & Notes

Q&A  Nathan Gershfeld, D.C. answers questions about gaining weight on a plant-based diet, facing diet questions from friends, and five tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Testimonial  "My Journey into the Whole-food, Plant-based World: How my husband and I found healthy eating, weight loss, and improved health," by Ellie Dixon (with J. Lanning Smith)

Recipes  Chef and physician Joanna Frey shares some of her favorite recipes from her homeland of Puerto Rico.

Spotlight on Members  Jon McMahon, Irene Bosco, and Judy Harff

Timeless Teachings  "Does Education Educate?" by Dr. William L. Esser

IAHP Physicians List  Members of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians

NHA News  Dr. Frank Sabatino packs the hall at Sun City Hilton Head.

NHA Membership  Meet our newest members; how to join the NHA; give a gift membership

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