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Health Science Summer 2004

Publication Date: 
June, 2004

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The Chemical Strait-Jacket Destroying Our Children
Dr. Frank Sabatino discusses how positive lifestyle changes can improve the physical, behavioral, and mental health of our children.

The New Low-Carb Mania...Don't Be Fooled Again!
Jeff Novick, M.S., R.D., L.D., presents evidence indicating that as low-carb diets grow in popularity, Americans are eating more fat and cholesterol and growing fatter.

Breaking the Food Seduction
Barbara Ferguson Kennedy interviews Dr. Neal Barnard, president and founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.


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Breaking the Food Seduction

In the following interview, Dr. Neal Barnard talks about how what you eat can lead to impotence, obesity, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes —... more

The New Low-Carb Mania... Don't Be Fooled Again!

It's a case of history repeating itself. During the low-fat frenzy of the 90s, food manufacturers peddled low-fat but calorie-rich concoctions like... more

The Chemical Strait-Jacket Destroying Our Children

As a Hygienic physician, scientist, and concerned parent, I am extremely angry and upset with the consistent decline of physical and psychological... more