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Health Science Summer 2016

Publication Date: 
August, 2016

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An Interview with Anthony Lim, M.D. Mark Huberman interviews Dr. Anthony Lim, medical director with the McDougall Program and staff physician at TrueNorth Health Center.

The Impact of Sleep on Weight Control Frank Sabatino D.C., Ph.D. explores the connection between sleep deficiency and our culture’s pandemic of obesity and weight gain.

Senior Citizens Need Exercise Too! Stephen J. Winter, Ph.D. breaks down the four simple exercise rules that can help seniors get in shape and remain that way until a ripe old age.

A Natural Hygienist Finds His Roots in the Soil Marla Rose introduces Flow Farm, an organic vegetable farm started by NHA board member Mark Epstein, who continues in the footsteps of his farming parents.

Ask the Trainer: Strength Training for Runners By Tiffany Esser, C.P.T.


Letters & Notes

Q&A Cathy Fisher answers questions about eating in restaurants.

Testimonial: Finding Good Health after Losing 85 Pounds, by Sarita Bohla

Recipes Ann and Jane Esselstyn share some of their favorite recipes.

Spotlight on Members Find out what our members are up to and how they found Natural Hygiene

Timeless Teachings A reprinted editorial by William Esser, N.D., D.C., "The Dangerous Years"

NHA Membership Meet our newest members; how to join the NHA; give a gift membership

IAHP Physicians List Members of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians

Legacy from Gerard and Susan MacPhee

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