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Health Science Summer 2020

Publication Date: 
September, 2020

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An Interview with Dr. Columbus Batiste Mark Huberman interviews Dr. Columbus Batiste, Chief of Cardiology at Kaiser Permanente‘s Riverside Medical Center and Moreno Valley Medical Center, whose innovative Integrative Cardiovascular Disease Program uses lifestyle intervention to prevent the reoccurence of cardiac events.

Support Your Immune System Dr. Frank Sabatino provides an in-depth look at how our innate physiology works to keep us healthy when we support it with the right food and lifestyle.

Are We Listening? Dr. Miriam Maisel challenges all of us to move beyond passive listening to taking action to preserve this precious planet that we call home.

My Journey to Being Fiber Fueled Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, gastroenterologist and bestselling author, shares his transition from SAD-eating and unhealthy med student to healthier, happier, WFPB-strong authority on fiber and gut health.

Letters & Notes

Testimonial  Empowered by the Science Behind a Plant-Centered Lifestyle by Brittany Jaroudi

Recipes  Brittany Jaroudi shares some of her favorite dishes.

Spotlight on Members  Kathy Plaza, Don Schmitz

IAHP Physicians List  Members of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians

NHA News  NHA Website Redesign Coming Soon! by Mark Huberman

NHA Membership  Meet our newest members; how to join the NHA; give a gift membership

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