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Health Science Winter 2015

Publication Date: 
March, 2015

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An Interview with Peter Sultana, M.D. Mark Huberman interviews Dr. Peter Sultana, a physician at TrueNorth Health Center.

Getting Healthy and Fit Is an Environmental Problem Stephen J. Winter, Ph.D. shares the basics for cultivating the best environment for health and fitness.

R.E.J.U.V.E.N.A.T.E Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D. shares 10 simple, surefire tips for invigorating body, mind and spirit.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret Don Weaver reflects on the recent documentary, Cowspiracy, and how animal agriculture is negatively impacting the planet.

Unpacking the Paleo Diet Frank Sabatino, D.C., Ph.D. looks at the question, “Does the Paleo diet really promote health and weight loss?”

In a Salad Dressing Dilemma? Cathy Fisher shows you how to make delicious salad dressings at home.


Q&A Stephan Esser, M.D. answers questions about weight loss, stretching, and eczema.

Testimonials Jamie Ottesen shares her story of healing food addiction and bulimia.

Recipes Cathy Fisher shares some of her favorite comfort food recipes.

Spotlight on Members Find out what our members are up to and how they found Natural Hygiene

Timeless Teachings Dr. William L. Esser‘s 1958 article revealed his belief that sickness is unnecessary.

NHA Membership Meet our newest members; how to join the NHA; give a gift membership

IAHP Physicians List Members of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians

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