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Health Science Winter 2019

Publication Date: 
January, 2019

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An Interview with Brenda Davis, R.D.  Mark Huberman interviews Brenda Davis, a registered dietitian, acclaimed speaker, and prolific nutrition and health writer, who has coauthored 10 books, with over a million copies in print in 13 languages.

The Triangle of Fitness  Dr. Frank Sabatino shares his exercise plan for optimal health and weight control, focusing on a triangle of fitness made up of endurance, strength, and flexibility.

Good Sleep Is Critical for Good Health  Dr. Csilla Veress believes we need to change our casual attitude about sleep, noting, “It must be made a priority if we are to live full and optimally healthy lives.”

Eat to Live Retreat Opens in San Diego  Dr. Joel Fuhrman introduces his new San Diego-based health center, which emphasizes the importance of the right food, education, and counseling for reaching our health goals.

TrueNorth Health Foundation  The Foundation’s new website is poised to generate positive change through research and education, with a goal to scientifically validate the safety and efficacy of water-only fasting and a health-promoting diet.


Letters & Notes

Q&A  Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D., N.D. fields questions on bone broth and hemp (CBD) oil.

Testimonial  "Freedom from IBS & Obesity after 44 Years: The China Study and TrueNorth led me to amazing health and freedom from debilitating IBS." by Joan Ransier

Testimonial  “'We Cannot Not Do This!' After hearing a lecture by Dr. Esselstyn, Leslie Haas and Richard Crofton-Sleigh knew they had to make a change." By J. Lanning Smith

Recipes  Nancy Mathews and Jeanne Schumacher share a handful of their favorite winter recipes.

Spotlight on Members  Juliya Novolt

IAHP Physicians List  Members of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians

NHA News  Dr. Pam Popper ’s Annual Symposium a Great Success, and "Eat Well Stay Well” 2018 One-Day Immersion

NHA Membership  Meet our newest members; how to join the NHA; give a gift membership

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