Health Science Winter 2020 | National Health Association

Health Science Winter 2020

Publication Date: 
February, 2020

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An Interview with Scott Stoll  Mark Huberman interviews Scott Stoll, M.D., the cofounder of The Plantrician Project, the International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention, and the International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Women  Dr. Frank Sabatino highlights the gender bias against women in medical treatment and research, particularly in Alzheimer’s Disease, which disproportionately affects women.

Loving Your Bones  Dr. Michael Klaper discusses our dynamically alive bones and offers practical advice to keep them strong and healthy throughout our lives.

Safe Personal Care Products  Sharon McRae shares her research and experience, detailing common chemical ingredients to avoid.

Thrive While Traveling Plant-Powered!  Beth Summers, Ph.D., offers tips on how to enjoy a healthy diet & lifestyle while traveling.


Letters & Notes

Testimonial  "Fully Recovered from Five Autoimmune Diseases: The “Medical Miracle” of Committing to a Nutrient-Dense Diet," by Jodi O’Neill

Recipes  Shayda Soleymani shares some of her favorite Persian dishes.

Spotlight on Members  Robin Brunk, MSN, BSN, RN, and Bernice Kinsler

IAHP Physicians List  Members of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians

NHA Event  The 2020 NHA Conference, celebrating 72 years of the NHA!

NHA News  "Pam Popper’s 24th Annual Symposium Another Great Success!," and "Pam Popper Packs the House at Sun City"

IAHP Physicians List  Members of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians

NHA Membership  Meet our newest members; how to join the NHA; give a gift membership

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