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Health Science Winter 2021

Publication Date: 
January, 2021

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An Interview with Alan Goldhamer, D.C. Mark Huberman interviews Dr. Alan Goldhamer, founder and director of the TrueNorth Health Center, about TrueNorth's history, its curent work, and mew developments in researsch and telehealth coaching.

Update on Autoimmunity: What We Know Now Can Save Lives Dr. Christina Miller discusses the factors now known to be involved in autoimmune diseases and how they’ve changed approaches to treatment.

What I Learned at TrueNorth Health Center Dr. Natasha Thompson gives us a doctor’s perspective, sharing seven overarching lessons learned during her training at TrueNorth, the world’s largest water-fasting treatment center.

Getting Your Family On Board with a Plant-Based Diet Dr. Reshma Shah and Brenda Davis, RD, outline the value of raising a family on a health-promoting diet and offer ten steps to make this way of eating enjoyable and successful.


Letters & Notes

Testimonial: Tami Kramer, Finding Her Own Answers: Determination, research, and a willingness to change results in a better life. 

Recipes:  Chef AJ - devoted to a plant-exclusive diet for over 43 years.

Spotlight on Members:  Valeria Popov and Jon Dorthee Bergsma

IAHP Physicians List:  Members of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians

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