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Beth Basista


Beth Basista, designer of Health Science magazine, and owner of Techni-Graphics, brings over 25 years of advertising expertise to the NHA. Beth’s interest in eating a plant-based diet began the summer of 2014 when her physician encouraged her to read Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book Eat to Live to lower her cholesterol. Although her weight was never an issue, Beth liked learning how to lead a healthier lifestyle without the need for medications. After NHA President Mark Huberman hired her to design Health Science, she has continued to learn more about eating a plant-based diet from many experts associated with the National Health Association. 

Beth resides in Boardman, Ohio with her husband George. She enjoys painting (See "Beth Basista Paintings" on Facebook), traveling, spending time with friends and family, aerobics and frequent walks through the nearby Mill Creek Park.