Karen Heitman | National Health Association

Karen Heitman

Board Member

Karen Heitman lives in Bluffton, SC.  In 2013, she and her two sisters, Mary Lou Beavers and Leslie Haas, were the co-founders of the amazing "Eat Smart Live Longer" Club in Sun City Hilton Head where all three reside.  The Club, which has over 500 active members, promotes the whole food, plant-based diet and lifestyle that the NHA has advocated since 1948.  Karen served as President for the Club's first three-and-a-half years and remains an active member. She, and her husband, George, attended both the 2017 and 2018 NHA Conferences and are enthusiastic supporters of the NHA  With the great support of Karen and other officers of her Club, the NHA has experienced sold-out crowds for many presentaitons.  Nearly 200 members of the Club are members of the NHA, making it the single largest group of NHA members from any one U.S. city.  Karen brings to the NHA Board a wlecome and valuable perspective of the over-55 retirement generation who are seeking to ensure the best years of their lives are the healthiest.