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Keki R. Sidhwa, ND, DO

Keki Sidhwa was born in Bombay, India of Parsi, Zoroastrian parents. After studying in Bombay University, he graduated from the Edinburgh College of Natural Therapeutics and the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy. He has been in private practice since 1952; co-founder and president of the British National Hygiene Society, former president of the International Association of Professional Natural Hygienists (now IAHP), and on the advisory board of the International Natural Hygiene Society. 

Dr. Sidhwa is the founder and director ofShalimar Health Home (now closed), where he has helped over 25,000 people to overcome their ailments by fasting and following a Hygienic life style. He has lectured extensively in Europe, India, America and Great Britain where he now resides. His interest in primitive cultures, anthropology and comparative religions has helped him to formulate his views on natural living. He is the Editor of the magazine TheHygienist, the oldest Natural Hygiene magazine in existence - that celebrated 50 years in 2009. 

He has authored six books: The Problem of Ill-healthMedical Drugs On Trial Verdict GuiltyFit For AnythingFirst Aid the Natural WayWords and Music and All Alone (Poems on Health, Love and Life). The Quintessence of Natural Living is his opus magnum culled from his writings over 35 years and lecturing over the same period. Visit Dr. Sidhwa's website here.

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