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Attorney Mark Huberman has adhered to a plant-based diet for all of his 64 years and credits his excellent health to the Sheltonian diet upon which he was raised. He literally grew up with the NHA having attended his first "Convention" with his parents Max and Ruth Huberman in 1964 at the age of 13. He began his service to the NHA (then called the ANHS) as a national board member at age 18 and has served the Association for the past 48 years on just about every level.

He was elected the Association's youngest President in 1977 and served two consecutive two-year terms. He returned to serve two more terms in the mid-1990's and then once again from 2004-2005. In March 2012, he was again asked to serve as President.

In June 2014, following the retirement of long-time NHA Executive Director, Lynn Grudnik, of Tampa, Florida, Mark moved the NHA operations to Youngstown, Ohio where he operates the association on a completely voluntary basis.  He also now serves as the Executive Editor of Health Science magazine which he created in 1978.

In 1978, Mark helped organize the International Association of Hygienic Physicians and continues to serve as Secretary-Treasurer.

Outside of his work for the NHA, Mark is currently serving his 19th year as Chief Magistrate of the Mahoning County Domestic Relations Court; Prior to that he was in the private practice of law for 20 years, 10 of which were as a Part-Time Magistrate of his local Juvenile Court. Mark has also been actively involved in leadership positions in a wide variety of community organizations.

Mark loves sports, the theater, and in the Summer time, his organic garden. He and his wife, Wanda, are the proud parents of daughters Heather and Lisa, who are both Life Members of the NHA. They are also incredibly proud of their niece, Liz Fowler, whom they have had the privilege of raising for the past 11 years.

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