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Fasting Institutes

In 1948, the NHA (originally called the American Natural Hygiene Society) was co-founded by a group of like-minded American physicians who operated Health Institutes where fasting supervision was offered to tens of thousands of health seekers as an integral part of the larger Natural Hygiene Health Program.  The most famous of these were:

Dr. Shelton's Health School in San Antonio, Texas,
Dr. William Esser's Health Ranch in Lake Worth, Florida,
Dr. Gerald Benesh's Health Ranch in Escondido, California,
Dr. Christopher Gian-Cursio's Castle of Health in Lido Beach, NY.  

Later institutes included:

Dr. Robert Anderson's Hygieology in Rhinebeck, NY,
Dr. Robert Gross's Pawling Health Manor in Rhinebeck, NY,
Dr. John Broscious's Bay & Gulf Health Resort in Redington Shores, Florida,
Dr. Ralph Cinque's Hygiea Health Retreat in Yorktown, Texas,
Dr. John Martin's Health Manor in Gromley Ontaria.,
Dr. D.J.Scott's Natural Health Institute in Strongsville, Ohio,
The Regency Health Spa under the direction of Dr. Frank Sabatino, and
Dr. Alan Goldhamer's Center of Conservative Therapy in Penngrove, California that has evolved into the True North Health Center in Santa Rosa, California.