Where to Fast

There are currently only a handful of facilties that offer fasting supervision that meet the professional standards of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians which is recognized by the NHA:

True North Health Center located in Santa Rosa, California operated by Dr. Alan Goldhamer
--Contact Dr. Goldhamer at 707-586-555 or visit their website at www.healthpromoting.com

Arcadia Health Centre in Sydney, Australia operate by Drs. Alec and Nejla Burton
--Contact Dr. Burton at 011-61-29-653-115 or visit their website at www.alecburton.com

The Goldberg Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia operated by Dr. Paul Goldberg
--Contact Dr. Goldberg at 770-974-7470 or visit his website at www.goldbergclinic.com

Balance for Life Florida in Deerfield Beach, Florida operated by Dr. Frank Sabatino
--Contact Dr. Sabatino at 954-610-5060 or visit his website at:   www.balanceforlifeflorida.com