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Health Made Simple

For over 65 years, the NHA has made health simple.  Its mission has been to educate and empower individuals to understand that vibrant health is easy to achieve, that health results from healthful living and that health care is self care.  The NHA is the world's oldest health organization that has advocated the benefits of a whole food, minmally processed, plant-based diet.  The NHA has further recognized the importance of integrating with diet all aspects of health including exercise, rest, adequate sunshine and emotional poise.  The NHA has also championed the environmental benefits of growing organically and advocated for freedom of choice in health care. The NHA has uniquely recognized the extraordinary benefits of professionally supervised water fasting and has promoted its availability and funded research into its safety and efficacy.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables are key

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Eat Organic & GMO Free

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Avoid Salt, Oil & Sugar

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Consult NHA Physicians

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Consider Water Fasting

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Monitor B-12 & Vitamin D

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