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Decoding Organic & Other Labels

CHOOSE USDA ORGANIC:  Since Federal Organic Standards wre implemented in 2002, the National Organic Program has certified that food labled with the familiar circular green USDA Organic Seal is grown or raised without toxic or synthetic pesticides or fertilizers (including troublesome things like sewage sludge), antibiotics or growth hormones, genetically modified organisms, or irridaiation.  Accredited certifies determine whether produce meets USDA requirements.  To learn the details of food lablels, visit  Here is a summeary:

100 Percent Organic:  Made with all organic ingredients, these productss may use the USDA Organic Seal. (Caution:  may also include added water and salt)

Organic:  Products must contain at least 95% organic ingredients, and may use the USDA Seal.

Made with Organic Ingredients:  Products made with at least 70 percent organic ingredients may list organic ingredients on their labels but may not use the USDA Organic Seal.