Balance for Life Health Retreat (Deerfield Beach, FL)

Jan 5 2019 to Jan 9 2019
Jump-start your healthy New Year with a five-day, all-inclusive, oceanfront vacation that will transform your Life! Speakers include: Stephan Esser, M.D., co-founder/director of Esser Health Frank Sabatino, D.C., health director at Balance for Life Retreat, Florida Alan Goldhamer, D.C., founder, TrueNorth Health Center, co-author of The Pleasure Trap Victoria Moran, author of Mainstreet Vegan the... more

2019 NHA 71st Anniversary Conference (Cleveland, Ohio)

Jun 28 2019 to Jun 30 2019
This NHA conference, sponsored by Vitamix, offers everything you will need to know to adopt, live, and love the healthiest lifestyle on the planet—and you will eat the most delicious and nutritious meals ever! Click here for more information and to register. Speakers include: Neal Bernard, M.D., Founder of PCRM Joel Fuhrman, M.D., six-time New York Times Best-Selling Author, and president of the... more

European River Cruise (Germany, Amsterdam)

Oct 5 2019 to Oct 12 2019
Have you ever wanted to take a cruise, but resisted because you wouldn’t be able to enjoy healthy, plant-based meals? The National Health Association (NHA) is working with Avalon Waterways to offer a European River Cruise from October 5-12, 2019, where all of your meals will be whole-food, plant-based and without added salt, oil, or sugar! Event coordinator, Wanda Huberman, will be coaching the... more