Testimonials | National Health Association


"One Woman’s Journey Blossoms into Support for Thousands by Elisha Exon"



"Fully Recovered from Five Autoimmune Diseases: The “Medical Miracle” of Committing to a Nutrient-Dense Diet," by  Jodi O’Neill


"From Uninsurable to Passionate about Health After a life-changing realization, I transformed my life with a whole-food, plant-based diet and lifestyle," by Anthony Masiello


"Pain-free After Interstitial Cystitis: Switching to a plant-based diet helped heal my cancer and painful interstitial cystitis," by Helena Broadbent


"Going Cold Turkey without the Turkey: Karen and George Heitman watched Forks Over Knives and knew immediately what they wanted to do." by J. Lanning Smith


"Freedom from IBS & Obesity after 44 Years: The China Study and TrueNorth led me to amazing health and freedom from debilitating IBS." by Joan Ransier


“'We Cannot Not Do This!' After hearing a lecture by Dr. Esselstyn, Leslie Haas and Richard Crofton-Sleigh knew they had to make a change." By J. Lanning Smith


Mary Lou and Wes Beavers (By J. Lanning Smith) "Forks Over Knives Got the Ball Rolling to Better Health: Mary Lou and Wes Beavers belong to the Eat Smart, Live Longer Club, with over 600 members!"

 Judy Cote (Summer 2018) "The East Smart Live Longer Club Saved Her Health: Battling extra weight, high BP and thyroid issues, Judy Cote’s health answers were found in Hilton Head, South Carolina." (by J. Lanning Smith)

Ellie Dixon (Spring 2018) "My Journey into the Whole-food, Plant-based World: How my husband and I found healthy eating, weight loss, and improved health."


Shayda Soleymani (Winter 2018) "Climbing Up from Rock Bottom: I was 240 pounds, prediabetic, and on medication for high cholesterol, high triglycerides and diabetes"


Dillon Holmes (Fall 2017) "Why Is Finding Health So Hard? How I discovered true health and now support others."



J. Lanning Smith (Summer 2017) "It's Never Too Late: How I turned around my long list of health issues starting at age 67."


Jason and Sarah Ramos (Spring 2017) "Going It Together: NHA couple lost half their combined weight on a plant-based diet."


Wanda Huberman (Fall 2016) "Taking Control of My Life and Health: I knew the elements of truly good health but needed help putting them into action."


Sarita Bhola (Summer 2016) "Finding Good Health after Losing 85 Pounds: How I went from 21 different health diagnoses to feeling vibrant and alive!"


 Christina Gore (Spring 2016): "Resolving a Sixteen-year Headache: After Exhausting all Possible Medical and Drug Therapies, Water Fasting was Key."


Steve Bernstein (Fall 2015): "The Unhealthy Vegan: How I Discovered that There’s More to Health than Being Vegan."



Ivonne Vielman (Spring 2015): "Changing the Course of Cancer: How I Reversed Stage III Lymphoma through a 21-Day Water Fast."


Jamie Ottesen (Winter 2015): "Healing Food Addiction and Bulimia: How I Found My Way Back to Health after 38 Years of Hiding My Secret."


Susan and Ralph Staffier (Fall 2014): "Prognosis Denied: A Medicated Life was Not Acceptable to This Husband and Wife Team."


Bill and Marilyn Kellar (Fall 2014): "Keeping the Faith: Bill and Marilyn Have Practiced Natural Hygiene for over 50 Years."


Dan and Trudy Regan (Spring/Summer 2014): "Discovering the Missing Link to a Sucessful Natural Hygiene Life after 50 Years of Research."


Janet Carter (Spring/Summer 2014): "Health Comes from Healthful Living."