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ANHS Leaders

The following inviduals, many deceased, played active roles in the leadership of the NHA:

Hannah Allen (Baypoint, FL)
--Board Member:  1981-1984 (2nd Term)

Louis Allen (Baypoint, Florida)
--Board Member 1981-1984 (2nd Term)

Joe Aaron (Toronto, Ontario)
--Board Member 1983-1984 

Art Andrews

Dorothy Brosious (St. Petersbur, FL)
--Board Member 1983-1986 (1st Term)

Dolores Burns

Mike Calhoun (Miami Beach, FL)
--Board Member 1982-1985 (2nd Term)

R.J. Cheatham

Louis Cohen

H.J. Dinsha

Paula Duvall (Portage, Indiana)
--Board Member & Recording Secretary 1983-1986 (First Term)

Oscar Floyd (1905-1973)
--President:  1961-1964
--Co-Founder and Business Manager of Natural Hygiene Press 
--Read more about his life and times by viewing the February 1973 Health Science Special Tribute Issue

T.C. Fry

Pam Garry

Joy Gross

Tosca Mariani Haag

Sophie Holzgreen

Rosy Houskeeper (Salt Lake City, Utah)
--Board Member 1982-1985 (Fsit Term)

Attorney Mark Huberman (Youngstown, Ohio
--President:  1983-1985 (First Term)

Max & Ruth Huberman

Frieda Kabelac (Tallahassee,FL
--Board Member:  1981-1984 (2nd Term)

James Lennon (Southampton, NY)
--Board Member:  1982-1985 (1st Term)

Craig Laroche (Berlin, CN)
--Board Member & Treasurer:  1981-1984 (First Term)

Dr. Phillip Martin:  
--Board Member 1983-1986 (First Term)

Bruce Meservy

Bill Peavy

Stanley Prorok

Kate Sharp 1983-1986 (Milwaukee, WI)
--Board Member and Recording Secretary:  1983-1986 (First Term)

Jack Dunn Trop (Miami Beach, FL)
--First Vice-President:  1983-1985 (Imm Past President)

Jo Willard