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ANHS Founders

The following individuals were the Founders of the ANHS in 1948
Dr. Herbert Shelton
Dr. William Esser
Dr. Christopher Gian-Cursio
Dr. Gerald Benesh
Dr. Jesse Mercer Gehman

Symon Gould

Jack Dunn Trop, of Jackson Heights, NY, was motion picture producer, perhaps best know for the Hoppilong Cassidy Series.  He produced the historic film, The Greatest Adventure and was the author of the books, "A Gift of Love and Health" and "Please Don't Smoke in our House". 

Attorney Irving Davidson

Attorney Irving Davidson of Brooklyn, New York was a founding member of the New York Vegetarian Society.  He was a lawyer,humorist and teacher.  He and his wife, Adele were active members of the NHA for more than two decades.