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Past Executive Directors

Attorney Mark Hubernan assumed the adminstrative leadership of the NHA on a volunteer basis on June 1, 2014 following the retirement of Lynn Grudnik.  Mark also moved  NHA headquarters Tampa, Florida to Youngstown, Ohio.





Lynn Grudnik served as NHA Executive Director in 2001, a position she held until May 2014 when she retired to spend more time with her grandchildren.

In 1995, Lynn went to work for ANHS, now known as the National Health Association (NHA). In 2001, after almost six years with the organization, she became the NHA's Executive Director and Editor of Health Science magazine. Lynn loved working for the National Health Association because it gave her the opportunity to meet wonderful people and share the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. Lynn credits the information she found in Health Science magazine with changing her life.

Lynn and Bud are Life members of the NHA. They have one married daughter and became proud grandparents a year ago.

Tim Duszinski





Jim Lennon served as NHA Executive Director from 1986-2000 leading the NHA to historic membership letters.  He served on the NHA Board of Directors from 1979-1983. He joined the national office staff as Founder and Director of the Herbert Shelto Library, a position he held from 1983 to 2000.  In 1984, he also became the Editor of Health Science Magazine which won numerous awards from the Florida Magazine Association.




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