Timeline | National Health Association


1948: The American Natural Hygiene Society (ANHS) was founded in New York City on June 28, 1948 by Drs. Herbert Shelton, William Esser, Gerald Benesh, Christopher Gian-Cursio and Jesse Mercer-Gheman along with Attorney Irving Davidson, Jack Dunn Trop and Symon Gould.

1949.  ANHS holds its first National Convention at the Diplomat Hotel in New York City.  Dr. Shelton was elected the first ANHS President.

1964:  ANHS forms the Natural Hygiene Press and published Fasting Can Save Your Life by Dr. Herbert Shelton.

1968:  Ithaca College becomes first college campus to hold an ANHS Convention.

1983:  ANHS purchases Dr. Shelton's library and James Michael Lennon becomes Library Director.

1986:  James Michael Lennon becomes Executive Director

1969:  Tax Exempt Status granted to ANHS

1978:  Health Science launched as the new ANHS Membership Health Journal.

1981:  ANHS Headquarters relocates to Bridgeport, Connecticut with Jo Willard as Executive Director

1985:  Dr. Herbert Shelton passes away at age 90

2014:  Lynn Grudnik retires as Executive Director on May 31, 2014 and NHA headquarters moves to Youngstown, Ohio under the direction of NHA President Mark Huberman.