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Dr. Shelton's Hygienic Review

Beginning in 1939, and continuing for nearly 40 years, Dr. Herbert Shetlon single-handedly published Dr. Shelton's Hygienic Review--a beacon of truth for the  Natural Hygiene Movement which he developed into a true health system.  On its cover was often pictured Hygeia, the goddess who was the guardian of health in ancient Athens and a symbol of the belief that men could remain well if they lived according to reason.  Uncompromising in its dedication to fundamental prinicples, the Review's motto,"Let Us Have the Truth Though The Heavens Fall describes well the fearless, hard-hitting approach it used to keep its readers informed.  Dr. Shelton offered the pages of the Review to many of his contemporaries in the Natural Hygiene Movement including Dr. William Esser, Dr. Geral Benesh, Dr. Christopher Cursio and, in the last two decades of publication, to his colleague and co-editor, Dr. Virginia Vetrano.

The NHA is committed to preserving, through digitization, these historic publications.