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Fasting Institutes

Beginning in the 1940's, leaders of the NHA operated Hygienic Institutes where water fasting was offered as a part of Hyygienic care:  

Dr. Herbert Shelton:  Shelton's Health School in San Antonio, Texas
Dr. William Esser:  Esser's Health Ranch in Lake Worth, Florida
Dr. Robert Anderson:  Hygieology
Dr. Robert Gross:  Pawling Health Manor
Dr. Gerald Benesh: Dr. Benesh's Health Ranch in Escondido, California
Dr. John Brosious: Bay & Gulf Health REsoer in Reddington Shores, Florida 
Dr. D.J. Scott:  Scott's Natural Health Institute in Strongsville, OH
Dr. Ralph Cinque: Hygiea Health Retreat in Yorktown, Texas
Dr. Philip Martin:  Martin's Health Manor in Gormley, Ontario
Dr. D.J. Scott: Scott's Natural Health Institute in Strongsville, OH