OMG Watermelon Salad

This is so delicious that I will often eat it for breakfast or even dessert. If I have leftovers, it’s fun to throw them into the blender with some crushed ice for a refreshing slushy!

Preparation note: There are no set measures for this recipe, but I like to use twice as much watermelon as cucumbers. If using Persian cucumbers, I do not peel or seed them, but if using conventional cucumbers I do peel and seed them. The amount of lime juice and mint is to taste, so add in as much or little as you like.


cucumber, chopped

fresh mint, chopped

lime juice and zest

1. Cut the watermelon into bite-size pieces (or use a melon-baller), and add to a salad bowl along with the cucumber.

2. Stir in the fresh mint, lime juice and zest. Chill before serving.

Notes: For a terrific salsa, chop the ingredients into smaller pieces and add a chopped jalapeno.