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Dictionary of Natural Foods
Dictionary of Natural Foods
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by William L. Esser

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This classic book by the late Dr. William Esser lists the nutrients of all the natural foods-protein, fat, vitamins, minerals-in alphabetical order.

One reviewer stated, “This resource has been an invaluable reference for our family. We used the book so often it became worn out in a few years. The book begins with an explanation of the value to our body of each of these vegetarian food groups: fruits, nuts, vegetables and cereal. But the bulk of the book is spent on two chapters: The first is an alphabetical listing describing each of more than 200 foods found within the above four categories. The food’s use, taste, value and much more is described. The second is a 30-page table which gives the composition of each of the 200 foods, showing how much protein, fat, carbohydrates, calories, minerals and vitamins each contains. Also included are several short practical chapters on how best to store and cook foods, as well as how to best combine them together for your physiology.”

(MOBI, EPUB and PDF formats.)

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