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Natural Hygiene: The Pristine Way of Life
Natural Hygiene: The Pristine Way of Life
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By Herbert M. Shelton

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If you desire to learn how to think correctly about human’s natural biological nature, about our physiology, our biological needs, the nature and purpose of disease, about our amazing self-healing capabilities, about the ultimate means of self-health care, about our natural biological diet and about how to live truly healthfully, toward fulfilling your highest potential in holistic development, this book is for you. It will change your mind and life in ways that beget freedom, joyous health and happiness. Humanity owes Dr. Shelton our most heartfelt thanks for showing us the true nature of health and inspiring us toward a better world. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the true essence of health education and how to realize vibrant health! 374 pages.


Author’s Introduction
Chapter 1. A Revolutionary Situation
Chapter 2. The Hygienic Revolution
Chapter 3. The Evolution of Hygiene
Chapter 4. Hydropathy
Chapter 5. A Name Chosen
Chapter 6. Life Subject to Law
Chapter 7. Instruments of Action
Chapter 8. What is Health?
Chapter 9. The Ways of Health
Chapter 10. Hygiene
Chapter 11. Materia Hygienica
Chapter 12. The Primordial Requisites of Life
Chapter 13. Food
Chapter 14. Salt Eating
Chapter 15. One Man’s Meat
Chapter 16. Eating
Chapter 17. Self-Healing
Chapter 18. The Essential Nature of Disease
Chapter 19. The Occasions for Disease
Chapter 20. The Unity of Disease
Chapter 21. Evolution of Disease
Chapter 22. Not a Cure
Chapter 23. Hygiene Not a Cure
Chapter 24. Conditions of Recovery
Chapter 25. Hygienic Care of the Sick
Chapter 26. Application of Hygiene
Chapter 27. Acute Disease
Chapter 28. Fasting
Chapter 29. The Suppression of Disease
Chapter 30. Convalescence
Chapter 31. Chronic Disease
Chapter 32. Crises
Chapter 33. Feeding in Disease
Chapter 34. Recovery of Vigor
Chapter 35. Palliation
Chapter 36. The Time Factor in Recovery
Chapter 37. The Tragedy of Irreversibility
Chapter 38. The Prevention of Disease
Chapter 39. The Prevention of Epidemics
Chapter 40. The New Human Redemption
Chapter 41. Medicine and Hygiene Contrasted
Chapter 42. What is a Poison?
Chapter 43. Drug Relations
Chapter 44. Biodynamics vs. Pharmacodynamics
Chapter 45. Drug Indulgences
Chapter 46. The Evils of Drug Medication
Chapter 47. Iatrogenic Diseases
Chapter 48. Herbs
Chapter 49. A New Revolutionary Situation
Chapter 50. Opposition
Chapter 51. College
Chapter 52. Women and Hygiene
Chapter 53. Who was a Hygienist?
Chapter 54. Hygienists
Chapter 55. Mistakes of Hygienists
Chapter 56. Future of Hygiene

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