The NHA has been publishing and distributing books on the subject of health for over 50 years.  Its initial goal was to promote the writings of Dr. Herbert Shelton, the undisputed leader of the modern day Natural Hygiene Movement.

In 1964, the NHA formed the Natural Hygiene Press primarily to publish Dr. Shelton's grounbreaking paperback book, Fasting Can Save Your Life--a publication which remains the best selling book ever published on the subject.  That was followed in Health for the Millions in 1968, Fasting For Renewal of Life in 1974 and Natural Hygiene: The Pristine Way of Life in 1994.

In 1993, the NHA began the reprinting of the first three volumes of Dr. Shelton's seven volume The Hygienic System beginning with The Science and Fine Art of Natural Hygiene (Volume 1), The Science & Fine Art of Food & Nutrition (Volume 2) and The Science and Fine Art of Fasting (Volume 3).

In 1996, the NHA published the Natural Hygiene Handbook and in 1999 the NHA published The Natural Hygiene Diet Book.

Today, the NHA no longer publishes books but is in the process of digitizing them into Ebooks.


Straight Up Food Cookbook

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Eat To Live


The Science And Fine Art Of Natural Hygiene

By Herbert M. Shelton The Hygienic System is one by which both the well and the sick are cared for solely by the employment of material or influences conducive to the... more

The Natural Hygiene Handbook

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The Natural Hygiene Diet

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Health Bliss

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Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon

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