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Fast Food: Burgers and Fries

Only 1 copy remaining!  This is the DVD you've been waiting for! Chef and dietitian Jeff Novick MS RD shows you how to make a variety of DELICIOUS -- and healthy -- veggie burgers. You make them from scratch using beans, rice, oatmeal and spices. By varying what kinds of beans and spices you use -- and substituting other ingredients, you end up with an unbelievably delicious and filling meal. And there are so many different styles of burgers Jeff demonstrates! And a PDF file on the DVD that gives you recipes and info.

If you're like us, you will end up making these burgers a permanent and continuous part of your healthy diet! There's no frying or grease involved. Jeff will show you how to make the most yummy and satisfying steak fries. You'll want to eat Jeff's Burgers and Fries every day. Seriously!

Jeff also shares secrets on healthy condiments, low-salt and low-sugar barbecue sauces, breads, buns -- you can eat these burgers in a variety of ways. There are so many nice things about Jeff Novick's Burgers and Fries DVD! Let's start with how low-calorie they are; you can have one burger, two, three...and you're full but have taken in a very small amount of calories!

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