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Historic Publications

The Journal of Natural Hygiene was published from October 1954 to the Summer of 1957.  It was the first health journal published by the NHA, then called The American Natural Hygiene Society, and was introduced at its Sixth Annual Convention held at The Morrison Hotel in Chicago.  Dr. Christopher Gian-Cursio was the Editor, and his fellow ANHS Co-Founders, Drs. Herbert Shelton, Gerald Benesh and William Esser served as Associate Editors. In the President’s Message in the first issue, ANHA President Gerald Benesh stated “The Journal of Natural Hygiene will be our medium of contact with one another and a means of disseminating the truths of normal living.  We hope to make this journal the epitome of health education and we will strive to maintain a standard worthy of and equal to the truths of normal living.”

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Natural Hygiene

NH June 1958..png

Natural Hygiene was published from February 1957 to July-August 1960  was the second health journal published by the NHA, then called The American Natural Hygiene Society. Joy Jacaruso (who later became Joy Gross) of Affton, MO, served as the Secretary Treasurer of the Society and chaired the initial Publications Committee that produced the magazine. The Advisory Staff of Associate Editors included Drs. Herbert Shelton, William Esser and Gerald Benesh.

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Natural Hygiene News

NHN 1977 Convention.png

The Natural Hygiene News was published briefly as a “News Bulletin of the American Natural Hygiene Society” beginning in 1953, but only one copy of that bulletin (August 1953) has been located.  A new and larger edition was introduced in 1956 and it enjoyed continuous publication until 1977 when it was replaced by Health Science magazine.

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Convention Programs

One of the greatest legacies of the NHA are the Annual Health Conventions that it has held on a nearly uninterrupted annual basis since April 1949, when its first gathering took place in April 1949 at the Hotel Diplomat in New York City.   For nearly 30 years, many of the costs of the Conventions were defrayed by the publication of a Convention Program in which supporters of the Society paid for advertisements. These publications featured timeless teachings by many of the 19th Century pioneers of the Natural Hygiene Movement, but more contemporary articles on health by the leaders of the organization like Drs. Shelton, Benesh, Esser, Gross, Scott and more.

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Natural Hygiene and Fasting Books

In 1964, the NHA expanded its educational mission by forming a separate publishing division called the Natural Hygiene Press for the purpose of publishing paperback books on the subjects of fasting and natural hygiene.  The first publication was Dr. Herbert Shelton’s Fasting Can Save Your Life–a landmark book that would go on to become the best selling book ever produced on the subject.  They are now all out of print, but the NHA makes several of them available as free downloads to its members as a benefit of membership.  They are available for purchase by non-members.   All of the ANHS books are as follows:

1964:  Fasting Can Save Your Life by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton
1967:  You Don’t Have to be Sick by Jack Dunn Trop
1968:  Health for the Millions by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton
1970:  The Hygienic Care of Children by Herbert M. Shelton
1971:  Exercise! by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton (A reprint of Volume IV of The Hygienic System)
1972:  The Greatest Health Discovery
1972:  Dictionary of Man’s Foods by Dr. William Esser
1974:  Fasting For Renewal of Life by Dr. Herbert Shelton
1974:  Toxemia Explained by Dr. John H. Tilden
1978:  The Science and Fine Art of Fasting (A reprint of Volume III of Dr. Shelton’s The Hygienic System)
1984:  The Science and Fine Art of Food and Nutrition (A reprint of Volume II of Dr. Shelton’s The Hygienic System
1994:  The Science and Fine Art of Natural Hygiene (A reprint of Volume I of Dr. Shelton’s The Hygienic System
1994:  Natural Hygiene–The Pristine Way of Life (A reprint of Dr. Shelton’s Man’s Pristine Way of Life published in 1968)
1996:  The Natural Hygiene Handbook
1999: The Natural Hygiene Diet

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Miscellaneous NHA Publications

Over the years, the NHA has published many educational pamphlets and publications that continue to provide timeless teachings about the Natural Hygiene diet and lifestyle

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