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Natural Hygiene Movement

Natural Hygiene has a long and impressive history. Much of the health and nutrition advise being touted today as new and revolutionary such as the advantages of a plant-based diet, the incredible healing powers of the body, the role of fasting in the recovery of health, and the importance of avoiding unnecessary drugs and surgery were promoted by Natural Hygienists as far back as 150 years ago.

Beginning in the 1830’s, the Natural Hygiene Movement has been led by an unbroken line of physicians who rejected orthodox medical practice and dedicated themselves to teaching people how to live disease-free lives. These men and women were startlingly ahead of their times.

Early History Timeline
Medical doctors pioneered the development of the philosophy of Natural Hygiene in the 19th century. None of these men sought to cure disease; instead, each of them recognized that over-feeding, over-bathing, over-sunning, over-exercising, and aggravating patients in any way overtaxed and retarded them or prevented recovery. These pioneers abandoned all efforts to cure disease and […]
Pioneers of the 1800’s
Most people are under the impression that the practice of lifestyle medicine and the whole food, plant-based diet, and lifestyle upon which it is based is only a few decades old.  However, the true credit for this revolutionary approach to health care and diet rests with a group of 19th-century pioneers of the Natural Hygiene […]
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