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ANHS/NHA History
Major Timeline
It was significant that the city of New York, where the Natural Hygiene Movement was established and where Sylvester Graham delivered his initial lectures, served as the location for the re-establishment of a national society on June 28, 1948. Dr. Shelton played a key role in this initiative. At the historic meeting, in addition to […]
The following individuals were the Founders of the ANHS in 1948
Past Presidents
Past Executive Directors
Convention Programs
Hygienic Institutes
Beginning in the 1940’s, leaders of the Natural Hygiene Movement operated Hygienic Institutes where thousands of health seekers recovered their health through water fasting which was offered as an integral part of the Natural Hygiene Health Program.  Among the leading institutes were: Dr. Gerald Benesh, Dr. Benesh’s Health Ranch  Dr. William Esser:  Esser’s Health Ranch, San […]
Chapters of the ANHS
Shortly after the founding of the ANHS in 1948, individual chapters of the ANHS were formed in cities accross the U.S. and Canada, most of which were led by national leaders (see below). However, there are currently no active chapters. Buffalo, NY: Richard Wangler, PresidentCincinatti, OH: Florence & Harry Kaplan, PresidentsCleveland, OH: Ted Parks, PresidentLos Angeles, CA: Sophie Holzgreen, PresidentNew […]
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