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Roslyn Reynolds
Roslyn Reynolds
Board Member

Roz Reynolds has been a member of the NHA for many years, and became a lifetime member and a board member 30 years ago. She was first introduced to this lifestyle after being diagnosed 45 years ago with Crohn’s disease. The medical option was the removal of 18 inches of her intestine, and a lifetime of drugs and future surgeries. Having watched the recovery of her brother Dr. Jack Goldstein, from ulcerative colitis, the fasting and plant-based way of eating was a “no brainer” for Roz.

Her first fast lasted 36 days under the supervision of Dr. David Scott. Upon completion of her fast, she no longer suffered severe abdominal pains, and experienced the healing of a fistula and the remission of eczema. She was put on a plant-based diet and has continued living this way for the past 45 years. She has fasted under Dr. Robert Gross twice, once more under Dr. Scott, and twice under Dr. Alan Goldhamer at TrueNorth Health Center. She has also done many mini fasts under the guidance of Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

Roz is originally from Michigan where she raised her two daughters, Vicki and Lynda, on a plant-based diet. They both are now raising their own families in a healthy manner. Roz taught the holistic approach to weight management and life management at a community college in Michigan for many years. She was also co-owner of an industrial compounding company. Later moving to New York, she went back to college after 25 years and received her B.S. in psychology and additional training to become an eating disorders counselor.

She began working with the developmentally disabled, and worked in a private practice with one of her mentors as an eating disorders counselor. She continued teaching holistic health management classes at community colleges.

Roz moved to Sarasota, Florida in 2001, and for the following 11 years she worked again with the developmentally disabled, providing funding from the state for services to improve the quality of their lives.

As of 2012, Roz has spent more time and energy enjoying her hobbies, which include kayaking, reading, exercising, writing, crafting, and volunteering with at-risk students to provide mentoring.

Recently Roz became credentialed from the T. Colin Campbell Plant Based Nutrition Couse from Cornell University, and has joined the NHA as their newest Board member. She has been writing a book, which she hopes one day to get published, about the many miracles she has experienced in her life. She also works with people who want to improve the quality of their lives, lose weight, and regain and maintain health. Roz’s passion is coaching, assisting, and education in cooking and learning how to live a plant based way of life. 

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