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Do Not Wait Until It’s too Late
September 21, 2004
Do Not Wait Until It’s too Late

~~Generally speaking, all of us are aware that the way we live has a considerable bearing on our health. We are aware that the body needs food, that there are some foods that are better than others. We know the body’s need for water, for activity, for fresh air, for sunshine, for rest and for sleep. We know that when we fail to provide the body’s needs, function may lose its efficiency. We may even get sick. Some of us know better than others how important our way of life is. Despite this knowledge, some of us fail to respond to the many warnings that the body provides when we are at risk of getting sick.

What may be a simple thing like headache, obscure aches and pains, digestive upsets, constipation, rashes and skin eruptions, change in bowel habits and a range of minor functional disturbances indicate that we are not well. Is it not strange that highly intelligent people will often pursue a course of action that is counterproductive, leading to disaster for displaying a total ignorance or more probably a total disregard for the body’s needs? People will often persist, in full awareness, in practices that they know are either damaging or positively not in their best interests. We often remark, “I must get to bed

earlier,” or, “I must get back to doing some exercise,” or, “I must pay more attention to my feeding and my diet.” These and similar remarks indicate that these people are well aware of the fact that they are stressing themselves to a point where they will become enervated and ultimately sick. It is one of the most frustrating aspects of our work when we are consulted by people who have the knowledge and skill to live more sensible lives and yet deliberately choose to neglect their health and evolve disease.

The important message here is “do not wait until it is too late.” Pathology is an evolution and it is always possible to reach a point of no return, the point where pathology has advanced to such a level that reversal and healing are not possible. Maybe it is time for you to act.

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