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Dr. Robert Walter – Publications


Dr. Walter’s writings inspired the many who came to him to recover their health. This pioneer health reformer showed that much can be accomplished with faith and perseverance. Health recovery is insured through right living—supplying the body with the elements of health and removing what is of low grade or no value. Vital power is needed to accomplish healing. Dr. Walter showed this can be done.

Walter, Robert. (1899). Vital Science Based Upon Life’s Great Law: The Analogue of Gravitation. Philadelphia, PA, J.B. Lippincott Co. Historial Archive –

  • The main point that Robert Walter makes is that there are three great forces in nature: vitality, chemical affinity, and gravitation, co-existent and analogous. The underlying thought of this work is that the living world is a fundamental part of natural existence and is, therefore, subject to a fundamental law. It is analogous to chemical affinity and gravity and applies to the science of human health. This makes the knowledge of vital processes in health and disease as certain as the knowledge of chemical and astronomical processes. He applies this to Life’s Great Law, the analog of attraction of gravitation. 333 pages.

Walter, Robert. (1903). The Exact Science of Health Based Upon Life’s Great Law. New York: Edgar S. Werner Publishing.

  • In this lengthy publication, Dr. Walter begins with suggestions for an exact vital science and the condition of nature. He then dives into the causes and their relations, as well as transmutation fallacies. Next, he discusses vital science and its relations to philosophy, life: its nature and source, and, of course, Life’s Laws, social and scientific paradoxes, and health and disease and how it works. The book ends with good health, how to regain, maintain, and fill your vital reservoir and secure it.
  • Robert Walter, MD, is credited with formulating the laws of life or vitality, as he called them, including the basis: life’s great law. It states that the overwriting goal is self-preservation/ survival. And that the successive life depends upon the amount of energy available. Lots of energy equals health, while a low point equals disease. Life’s great law: every living cell of the organized body is endowed with an instinct of self-preservation, sustained by an inherent force in the organisms (called vital force, life force, or nerve energy). The success of each organism, whether simple or complex, is directly proportional to the amount of its life and force and is inversely proportional to the degree of activity. 302 pages.

Walter, Robert. (1907). “Nutrition: What It Is and How Promoted.” Eternal Health Truths of a Century Ago. June, 1960, pp. 116-123. Out of Print. Edited by Christopher Gian-Cursio.

  • This article was written by Robert Walter in 1907 for the American Institute of Homeopathy, Transactions of the Sixty-Third session. It was incorporated into the book Eternal Health Truths of a Century Ago in 1960. A copy was donated to the Historical Internet Archive. Check to see if it was scanned.
  • Dr. Walter describes nutrition as the process of growth, how structure is produced, and the power involved. He shares that when a man eats, he should eat a good square meal and then allow his stomach and liver to rest entirely for long hours. Strength and vigor correspond to the vigor of man’s digestion rather than the amount of food he eats.

Walter, Robert. (1914). “The Power That Cures.” The New England Medical Gazette, vol. XLIX(49), no. Dec No 12, 1914, pp. 630-638, Accessed 21 Feb. 2024.

  • In this article, Dr. Walters discusses that all results in nature depend upon the power that produces the patient’s power of life and the conditions for its operation. The power from within is invisible and can be easily mistaken for the cause or power.
  • Digestion and simulation of food induces work, and work expands and manifests power. Food is a material for building structures, not power.

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