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Healthy Cooking Made Easy: DVD Review
May 24, 2014
Healthy Cooking Made Easy:  DVD Review

Reviewed by Lynn Grudnik

Do you want some motivation and support to help you with the Natural Hygiene diet and lifestyle? Do you need to know how to make healthy food – fast? This is just the thing for you. The emphasis of Jill’s DVD is simplicity and ease. She doesn’t even use a measuring cup or spoon.

Jill will show you how easy it is to make healthy and delicious food from unprocessed natural ingredients. All recipes are free of animal products, dairy, egg, gluten, wheat, oil, soy, salt, sugar and flour. What’s left? You’ll be amazed. Even the camera crew loved Jill’s food.

Professionally filmed and edited, the colors are vibrant and alive, and watching just makes you want to eat more fruits and veggies.

Learn how to make simple dressings and dips, and combine them with salads and potatoes, squashes and rice to make multiple dishes. The DVD is 87 minutes long. There are over twenty different recipes, and you’ll see how to combine them to make unlimited meals.

Great for a beginner who wants to learn simple and creative ways to eat more fruits and vegetables, yet it has some gourmet twists for even the experienced Natural Hygiene eater. Ever eaten raw zuchinni rollups or chard wraps?

This will be an excellent way to share your healthy plant-based diet with your friends and family. Not only will it motivate them, they’ll learn what to prepare for your next visit.

You’ll learn a simple way to turn fruit smoothies into a super nutritious breakfast or meal, simply by adding leafy greens. It’s amazing how many greens you can add, and still have a sweet drink.

There’s something magical about seeing something made instead of just following a written recipe. You can watch it over and over for motivation, and you can also share it with your friends and family. Even if someone isn’t ready to go to a total plant-based diet, they’ll see how easy it is to eat more fruits and veggies every day.

This DVD is a hit at TrueNorth Health Center in California where patients watch it as part of their daily lecture series.

Order a couple of copies and help spread the word of how delicious a plant-based diet can be! Whole food cooking is simple once you know the basics. Let Jill show you how easy it can be.

Jill Harrington is a Life member of the National Health Association. She recovered from systemic lupus over ten years ago and wrote a book about her experience titled, The Lupus Recovery Diet: Personal Stories and a Program that Really Works in Overcoming Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

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