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Felix Oswald, M.D.
December 29, 2021
Felix Oswald, M.D.


Dr. Felix Oswald supported natural hygiene, advocating fasting, a vegetarian diet, pure water, clean air, sunshine, and exercise. He was a physician, naturalist, and prolific writer and was influenced by Sylvester Graham. Though trained in allopathic medicine, he became a Hygienist of the first rank. 

Dr. Oswald was a gifted author, and his extensive travels and observations were woven throughout his work. In 1889, he contributed to the column of the Journal of Good Health under the general title International Health Studies.

The Hygiene Movement has been led by an unbroken line of physicians who rejected orthodox medical practice while dedicating themselves to teaching people how to live disease-free lives. These men and women were startlingly ahead of their time, and Dr. Felix Oswald joined their ranks as one of the pioneers of Natural Hygiene.


In sickness, stimulation cannot further recovery by a single hour. Our physical constitution has a strong progressive tendency; Nature needs no prompter. Once healing is complete, the body’s normal functions will resume as spontaneously as a stream’s current resumes its course after an obstruction is removed.

Excerpt From: The Greatest Health Discovery by Sylvester Graham, Russell T. Trall, and Herbert M. Shelton
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