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2026 Antarctica – The Great White Continent
2026 Antarctica – The Great White Continent

Please join us in Antarctica Jan 15-26, 2026 on an NHA Plant-Based Group Cruise on the Seabourn Pursuit. 

Date: January 15-26, 2026

Experience the magic of Antarctica and its timeless majesty and pristine beauty. We are working with the Seabourn Culinary team to offer WFPB meals without added salt, oil or sugar as we embark on a profound experience of adventure and discovery. 

Our itinerary is the 11-Day The Great White Continent.

See penguins, whales and other diverse wildlife, kayak around icebergs and massive glaciers, hike along the majestic continent and see the wonders of Antarctica up close.

The Seabourn Pursuit is a top-rated Expedition ship that accommodates 264 guests. Seabourn was voted best cruise line in Antarctica by Travel Weekly in January 2024.

NHA Life members will be allowed to book their expedition first. Seabourn is limiting our group size to 24 WFPB guests. Please email [email protected] for additional information and to secure your reservation.

Seabourn’s group pricing is based on the current promotion. When Lisa books a cruise into our group, it will be priced at the current online price. Our business manager at Seabourn encouraged us to start filling our group now because they are having their “Sail of the year” with up to 25% off. The prices for 2026 are considerably lower at this time than 2025. 

If the price online decreases after booking your reservation and before September 16, Lisa can cancel your reservation and book at the lower price. 

A deposit of 25% is required to reserve a stateroom. This deposit is refundable without penalty until September 16, 2025. Once we have our group paid in full, Seabourn will add shipboard credit to individual reservations as a group bonus.


Cancellation Fees (Per Person) 

Sep 17, 2025 15.0% Total Fare 

Oct 17, 2025 50.0% Total Fare 

Dec 01, 2025 75.0% Total Fare 

Dec 16, 2025 100.0% Total Fare

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