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The Health Science Podcast | Episode 039. | August 03, 2023
039: Plant-Based Wellness for Positive Aging: Insights from Jayney Goddard, UK’s Natural Youth Guru
039: Plant-Based Wellness for Positive Aging: Insights from Jayney Goddard, UK’s Natural Youth Guru

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From bed-bound and wheelchair-bound to becoming a prominent influencer in the mind/body movement, Jayney Goddard is living proof that transformation is possible… when one knows what to do.

In a compelling and insightful interview on the Health Science Podcast, Jayney shares her journey from facing severe health challenges to becoming a trailblazer in the field of complementary medicine and whole-food, plant-based diets.

Jayney Goddard’s remarkable journey from debilitating illness to becoming a leading advocate for complementary medicine and plant-based diets is an inspiring tale of resilience.

It was her personal experiences that enhanced Jayney’s commitment to doing all possible to educate people from around the globe on the benefits of a plant-exclusive lifestyle.

Her work continues to inspire individuals and practitioners worldwide to embrace lifestyle interventions and evidence-based practices for better health and happiness.

Establishing the Complementary Medical Association (CMA)

Jayney’s passion for complementary medicine began after completing a seven-year training in homeopathic medicine. Disheartened by the lack of support and professionalism for practitioners in this field, she took a bold step and founded the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) three decades ago.

The CMA aimed to elevate the status of complementary medicine, set industry standards, and educate both practitioners and the public about the legitimacy and benefits of these practices.

Embracing Plant-Based Eating and Compassionate Veganism

Jayney highlighted the rising trend of compassionate veganism in the UK, driven by ethical concerns for animal welfare.

In addition to animal welfare, there is the profound impact of plant-based eating on personal health and environmental sustainability.

As a result, plant-exclusive living and veganism are expanding globally, revolutionizing people’s health choices and ecological consciousness.

The Power of Lifestyle Medicine

Jayney and Dr. Frank Sabatino delved into the concept of lifestyle medicine, an approach that complements conventional treatments in managing chronic illnesses.

Whole food plant-based diets and lifestyle interventions were discussed as integral components of this approach.

“Rewind Your Body Clock” – Aging Well and Slowing Down the Aging Process

Jayney is the author of the best-selling book “Rewind Your Body Clock,” which delves into aging well and presents practical strategies for improving health and longevity.

Drawing from her personal journey of overcoming an autoimmune condition, she shared her experience of embracing lifestyle changes and witnessing remarkable improvements in her health.

Mind-Body Medicine and the Importance of Resilience

The discussion shifted towards the significance of mind-body medicine and the need for resilience in managing stress and promoting overall well-being.

Mental health issues and stress-related problems have escalated, particularly in the post-COVID world. To address this increase, Jayney offers courses and training to educate practitioners and individuals on the transformative power of mindfulness, food, and lifestyle choices.

Urging Support for NHA and Lifestyle Medicine

Jayney expressed her gratitude to the National Health Association (NHA) for its impactful initiatives and high-quality events.

She urged listeners and viewers to support the NHA by becoming members, recognizing the importance of organizations that promote evidence-based health science.

The urgent need for lifestyle changes and plant-based nutrition was emphasized, as it can combat the escalating obesity pandemic and contribute to a healthier and sustainable society.

As the world recognizes the potential of lifestyle medicine, Jayney stands as a beacon of hope, guiding us toward a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

Episode Highlights

[03:30]             The why and what of complementary medicine

[06:50]             The overload, due to what people eat, on healthcare                      

[13:15]             Less than 8% of the graduating class went on to grow profitable practices

[21:00]             Complementary Medical Association (CMA) expands globally

[25:00]             Compassionate veganism is growing exponentially in the UK                      

[28:20]             Natural Youth Guru of the UK teaches how to Rewind Your Body Clock

[34:00]             The formula for success to Rewind Your Body Clock

[36:30]             Drawing the genetic short straw was the catalyst for Jayney’s life’s work 

[40:00]             Doctors advised Jayney to get her affairs in order

[51:30]             Mind-body medicine as it relates to happiness

[56:00]             The various pandemics affecting people around the globe

[57:00]             Trigger warning! Take action now before it’s too late

About Jayney Goddard

Jayney Goddard is President of The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) which is the world’s largest professional membership body for complementary and integrative medicine practitioners and training schools, and she has a vast depth of knowledge across the entire field of complementary medicine and can always be relied upon to provide substantiated research data during any interview, lecture or written work.

Jayney is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health. Jayney is the Honorary Advisor to the Health Food Manufacturers Association (HFMA).

She has a Master of Science post-graduate degree from UCLan, England; trained in Mind/Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School, USA, under Dr Herbert Benson (the “father” of Mind/ Body Medicine); and runs an international practice in which she uses a range of natural medicine approaches to help clients reach their fullest health potential.

Jayney Goddard is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts in complementary medicine and natural anti-aging fields. She is a popular broadcaster, author, lecturer, and journalist as well as an acknowledged thought leader and influencer in the healthcare arena.

Natural Health magazine calls Jayney “The UK’s Natural Youth Guru” and she writes their monthly natural anti-aging column. 

Aside from her pioneering work promoting healthy living and health and wellness for all, Jayney Goddard is passionate about helping complementary medical practitioners develop their practices and has developed a unique range of hugely successful business development courses which have been attended by thousands of practitioners worldwide.

Jayney is the creator and facilitator of the outstandingly well-received CPD course, “Resilience and Positive Psychology – Creating Health Through Happiness”, and she has facilitated the advanced professional development courses; Certification in Integrative Immunopathology and Certification in Integrative Oncology – with further advanced professional level courses in development at the moment.

Jayney served on the Working Parties that set the National Occupational Standards in Complementary Medicine (NOS) and she is keen to promote the evidence base for this sector – so that the field is accorded the professional respect and esteem it is due.

More details at The Complementary Medical Association website    


  • Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine
  • Fellow, Royal Society for Public Health
  • Honorary Advisor, Health Food Manufacturers Association
  • All Party Parliamentary Group for Complementary and Integrative Medicine

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About Dr. Frank Sabatino

As a recognized authority on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, Dr. Frank Sabatino has cared for and inspired thousands of people for over 40 years. Dr. Sabatino has a PhD in cell biology and neuroendocrinology and has done extensive landmark research on calorie restriction, stress, and aging. He currently is on staff at the TrueNorth Health Foundation in Santa Rosa, CA, and serves as the Director of Health Education at the NHA.

Dr. Sabatino’s passion and life’s work include raising awareness about the benefits of whole-food, plant-exclusive nutrition (without added salt, oil, or sugar), health rejuvenation, stress management.

About NHA

The National Health Association (NHA), founded in 1948, is a nonprofit organization that promotes the benefits of a plant-based diet. The Association provides educational materials, educational events, and services to thousands of people around the world.

The mission of the National Health Association is to educate and empower individuals to understand that health results from healthful living. The NHA recognizes the integration of all aspects of health: personal, environmental, and social.

The NHA also provides travel experiences around the globe through the NHA Plant-Based Travel and cruise division.

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A unique benefit of the NHA Conference is the selection of two medical students who receive a full scholarship to the conference.

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Members of the NHA enjoy a subscription to the award-winning quarterly health journal, Health Science, access to the “Members Only” section of the NHA Website (which contains all 43 years of back issues of the magazine),  the ability to download for free many classic out of print eBooks on the history of the Natural Hygiene Movement, including Fasting Can Save Your Life and The Greatest Health Discovery, discounts on books, and early notice of the NHA events.

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