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The Health Science Podcast | Episode 073. | March 28, 2024
073: It’s Not Your Fault, But It IS Your Responsibility with Monk Coleman
073: It’s Not Your Fault, But It IS Your Responsibility with Monk Coleman

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From a man lost to the addiction of drugs and alcohol to a man on a mission to heal others through his transformative journey, experience the remarkable odyssey of Monk Coleman. A former addict turned vegan bodybuilder and motivational speaker, Monk unveiled the profound depths of his journey towards personal redemption and compassionate living on a recent episode of the NHA Health Science Podcast, hosted by Dr. Frank Sabatino.

Unveiling the Path to Wellness

Monk’s early years were shrouded in darkness, characterized by the absence of a father figure and the turmoil of a dysfunctional family environment. Growing up amidst religious influences and familial discord, he found himself drawn into a life of crime and addiction.

At the age of 38, faced with the prospect of fathering another child, Monk experienced a moment of awakening that would alter the course of his life forever. Confronted with the harsh reality of his destructive behaviors, he made a courageous decision to embark on a journey of sobriety and self-discovery.

The Healing Power of Mindfulness

Central to Monk’s journey of transformation was the practice of meditation, which became his guiding light in navigating the tumultuous waters of his past. Through introspection and self-reflection, he began to unravel the layers of pain and suffering that had long defined his existence. In the stillness of meditation, Monk found solace and healing, gradually cultivating a sense of compassion and empathy for himself and others.

Embracing Compassionate Living

As Monk delved deeper into his journey, he was confronted with the ethical implications of his dietary choices, particularly concerning animal agriculture. Learning about the profound suffering inflicted upon animals in the meat, dairy, and egg industries, Monk felt compelled to align his lifestyle with his newfound values of compassion and non-violence.

Initially adopting a vegetarian diet, he later made the transition to veganism, viewing it not only as a dietary choice but as a profound expression of his commitment to living in harmony with all beings.

The Ripple Effect of Change

Monk’s journey of personal transformation resonated deeply within his family circle, inspiring his wife and daughter to embrace veganism alongside him. Their collective journey symbolized the ripple effect of positive change, illustrating how individual choices can have far-reaching implications for those we hold dear.

Monk’s influence extended beyond his immediate circle through his work as an inspirational speaker and author, where he passionately advocated for plant-based nutrition, mindfulness practices, and compassionate living.

Love, Compassion, and Authenticity

Throughout the conversation, Monk emphasized the transformative power of love, compassion, and authenticity. He spoke passionately about the need to cultivate an open heart and mind, even in the face of adversity, and to embrace the inherent worthiness that resides within each of us. Monk’s message resonates as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and to embody love and kindness in all aspects of life.

Love Over Fear – The Book

Monk is the author of “Love over Fear – A Guide to Peace and Purpose,” which serves as a beacon of hope and guidance for those navigating the tumultuous waters of self-discovery and personal growth. Delving into the depths of human consciousness, he offers readers a transformative roadmap to transcend limiting belief systems and embrace a higher state of being rooted in love and compassion. Monk shares invaluable insights and practical tools to help readers break free from the shackles of fear and embrace a life of purpose and fulfillment.

A Testament to Resilience and Redemption

Monk Coleman’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of personal redemption. From the depths of despair, he emerged triumphant, guided by the light of compassion and mindfulness. Through his example, Monk reminds us that no matter our past struggles, we possess the innate capacity to rewrite our narrative and embrace a life of purpose, authenticity, and boundless love. Monk’s daily mantra is a simple yet profound truth: “It’s always been about love.”

Episode Highlights

[00:00]            Introduction

[02:00]             Turmoil, violence & poverty marked the early years for Monk Coleman.

[04:30]             A perfect mix of religion and dysfunction.

[09:00]             Following in his father’s footsteps sure to lead to an early death.  

[11:15]             Suffering in silence before the crutch is removed.

[14:45]             Meditation was Monk’s saving grace.

[21:30]             Cultivating compassion leads to vegetarian leads to being vegan.

[25:00]             The link between animal abuse and general violence.  

[28:30]             A request by Monk’s wife reveals the point of no return.

[31:30]             “Love Over Fear” book is about one’s fundamental truth of greatness.

[38:00]             Diving deep into the programs we were taught that don’t serve us.

[43:00]             The Trojan Horse from pro bodybuilding to sharing the real message.

[47:00]             Divisiveness of them against us needs to stop for the healing to begin.

[51:00]             The path of awakening is never ending.

[54:00]             The secret is to keep your heart open, no matter what.

About Monk Coleman

Monk Coleman, author of “Love over Fear – A Guide to Peace and Purpose,” is a beacon of inspiration and transformation. Graduating from the University of Holistic Theology, Monk’s journey is marked by a profound quest for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

As a Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Personal Trainer, and 3x Pro Natural Physique Bodybuilder, Monk embodies resilience and empowerment. Through his coaching services, prominently featured on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, he extends his wisdom and guidance to those seeking positive change.

Drawing from his own battles with alcoholism, poverty, depression, and tumultuous relationships, Monk has crafted a coaching program rooted in authenticity and empathy. His approach is deeply personal, reflecting his unwavering commitment to helping others navigate their own paths to healing and self-discovery.

Monk’s dedication to service is unparalleled, with love serving as the cornerstone of his philosophy. His life’s work is a testament to the transformative power of love, offering hope and inspiration to individuals worldwide. Through his guidance and example, Monk Coleman continues to uplift and empower others on their journey toward a life filled with purpose and peace.

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About Dr. Frank Sabatino

As a recognized authority on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, Dr. Frank Sabatino has cared for and inspired thousands of people for over 40 years. Dr. Sabatino has a PhD in cell biology and neuroendocrinology and has done extensive landmark research on calorie restriction, stress, and aging. He currently is on staff at the TrueNorth Health Foundation in Santa Rosa, CA, and serves as the Director of Health Education at the NHA.

Dr. Sabatino’s passion and life’s work include raising awareness about the benefits of whole-food, plant-exclusive nutrition (without added salt, oil, or sugar), health rejuvenation and stress management.

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