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Fasting for Renewal of Life
Fasting for Renewal of Life
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by Herbert M. Shelton

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This book teaches why and how to fast, and it will give you the confidence you need to do so wisely and with wonderful results. Millions of water fasts have been conducted over the last 200 years at hygienic centers around the world, millions of lives have been saved, and health has been restored in countless cases. A fast is a complete rest while consuming only water. During a water fast, the body is able to detoxify, repair cells, clarify the mind, restore its energies and invigorate its metabolic functions at an accelerated rate. After a good fast most people overcome disease, feel 20 years younger and rediscover their joie de vivre.

Dr. Shelton illuminates the remarkable regenerative power that resides within our bodies. Drawn from 50 years of his clinical experience in helping over 40,000 people save their lives and rejuvenate their health, this masterful book is packed full of self-healing and life-extending facts. Learn about your self-healing power and how to address disease wisely. You’ll avoid the traps of remedies and medical drugging, save a ton of money, shed fear of disease and avoid untold suffering.

Chapters: Foreword, Introduction, Fasting Defined, Fasting Among Lower Animals, Long Fasts In Man, Metabolism During The Fast, The Faster’s Sumptuous Fare, Constructive Changes In The Fast, Mental Effects Of Fasting, Losses During The Fast, Replenishment, Hunger, Objections To The Fast, Fasting And Drugs, Not A Cure, When, Where And How Long To Fast, While Fasting, Crises In Fasting, Strength In The Fast, Breakfast, Living After The Fast, Another Kind Of Fast, Fasting In Health, Rejuvenation, Fasting For Reducing Weight, Drug Addiction, Fasting In Acute Disease, Fasting In Chronic Disease, Separate Diseases, Afflictions Of The Respiratory System, Afflictions Of The Digestive System, Rheumatic Affections, Glaucoma, A Way Of Life, Index

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