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Straight Up Food Cookbook
Straight Up Food Cookbook
Price: $35.00
Member Price: $28.00

TrueNorth cooking instructor, Cathy Fisher, has designed her beautiful new hardcover cookbook with you, the healthy home cook, in mind! (Click on the cover image at left to see a bigger cover.) NHA members get 10% at checkout!

The recipes in the  Straight Up Food cookbook call for 100% plant foods: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, and contain no animal-derived ingredients: meat (beef, pork, fowl, fish, or seafood), eggs, honey, or dairy products (cow’s milk, cream, butter, cheese, or yogurt). Recipes also emphasize the use of unprocessed foods. All recipes are also without added salt, oil and sugar.

This is not a complicated gourmet cookbook to be admired on the bookshelf. Rather, this is a “let’s make really good food so we can feel and look really good!” cookbook, filled with recipes you will make on a regular basis!

Additional highlights:

  • Nearly 100 plant-based recipes (click on the attachment here to view the Table of Contents)
  • Foreword by Dr. Michael Klaper
  • Full-color photos (7×9 inches, 250 pages)
  • A concealed “o-ring” spiral binding that allows the book to lay completely flat
  • Nutrient and calorie breakdowns for each recipe
  • Easy-to-follow numbered instructions
  • Serving and volume amounts, and prep and cooking times
  • Shopping tips for most recipes
  • Support information for newer plant-based cooks, including: how to make your dietary transition easier; understanding food labels; creating effective menu plans; and how to stay healthy when eating at restaurants, events, and on the road.


Cathy says: “The Straight Up Food cookbook is full of delicious, health-promoting recipes; but it’s even more than that-it’s an extension of me and my teaching, guiding you in a friendly way as you successfully transition to a whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle!”


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