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Baked Apples with Walnuts and Goji Berries
Baked Apples with Walnuts and Goji Berries

These luscious baked apples taste like apple pie, but aren‘t bogged down with added sugar, flour, and fat. Another bonus is how great your house will smell while they‘re baking.


3 tablespoons goji berries, soaked in warm water for 15 minutes

    and then drained

½ cup chopped walnuts

1 tablespoon date syrup

1½ teaspoons ground cinnamon

4 large, firm baking apples, washed and cored

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

1.  Preheat the oven to 350°F.

2.  Place the goji berries in a food processor and add the walnuts, date syrup, and cinnamon; then pulse until well mixed. Set aside.

3.  Peel the top third of each apple. Rub the exposed part of the apples with the lemon juice to prevent discoloration. Stuff about 2 tablespoons of the goji mixture into the center of each apple and arrange the apples upright in a small, shallow baking dish. Pour ½ cup of water around the apples. Cover and bake until tender, about 1 hour. Serve warm.

Michael Greger
Michael Greger

The How Not to Diet Cook book is a full-color, fully illustrated cook book that shares the science of long-term weight-loss success, featuring over 100 delicious recipes. A founding member and Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Michael Greger, MD, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition. He has videos on more than 2,000health topics freely available at, with new videos and articles uploaded almost every day.

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