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Jeanne Schumacher, M.Ed., Ed.D.
Jeanne Schumacher, M.Ed., Ed.D.

Jeanne has earned her doctorate in science (focused on chemistry, environmental science, and biology) and education and has taught for over 35+ years.  She is a firm believer in “walking the walk”, and is committed to inspiring people to change their health destiny through a non-toxic whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle. Jeanne has successfully earned her Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate through the eCornell – Center for Nutritional Studies and completed the Women’s Studies and Food Over Medicine program through the Wellness Forum.

Having followed a plant-based diet since 2009, she has become a motivational speaker and educator on whole-foods, plant-based living as well as living without toxins. Her transformation to a healthier lifestyle began with a trip to the emergency room with a 105-degree fever, deadly high blood pressure, and an unknown infection.  Luckily, the physician who attended her was trained in medicine and nutrition.  This doctor started Jeanne on a journey that would not only change her health destiny, but her life as well.

Jeanne is the founder of the Plant Based Academy (PlantBasedAcademy.Net), which helps provide education, support, and guidance to people who want to live a whole food plant-based lifestyle.  

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