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Russell Thacker Trall, M.D.: Timeline
  • 1812: Trall was born in Vernon, Connecticut.  son of a farmer.
  • 1835: Obtained his M.D. in 1835 from Albany Medical College
  • 1840: Practiced Alternative Medicine in New York
  • 1844: Began Water Cure Institution in New York. The first to begin in the United States. From this time, Dr. Trall did not administer a grain of drug-medicine or alcoholic stimulation of any kind.
    • His institute was a cross between an urban health farm and a boarding house, offering plain vegetarian meals, hydrotherapy treatments, a gymnasium, public rooms, and, starting in the 1860s, a health food shop selling whole grains, cereals, Graham bread (Trall was a friend of Sylvester Graham), and his books on food reform, hygiene, sex, and physiology. 
  • 1847: Trall started the New York Hygienic Institute on Leight Street, New York City, and continued to direct it until 1864.
  • 1849: With Joel Shew and Samuel R. Wells, they founded the American Hydropathic Society 
  • 1850: Trall organized the American Hyropathic Society convention. 
  • 1850: The American Hyropathic Society becomes the American Hygienic and Hydropathic Association of Physicians and Surgeons.
  • 1851: Published  The Hydropathic Encyclopedia: A System of Hydropathy and Hygiene; In Eight Parts. 
  • 1853:  Published  Home Treatment for Sexual Abuses. A practical treatise. 
  • 1853: Trall founded the New York Hydropathic and Physiological School, becoming the New York Hygeio-Therapeutic College in 1857, and was authorized to confer the degree of M.D. Here, he taught that mainstream medicine required a revolution–a vision of health as an active state to be positively achieved by methods learned from nature.
    • His students learned water treatment and nutrition, the virtues of self-discipline, emotional, sexual and physical moderation, along with procedures like mesmerism and magnetism.
    • In this college, men and women were admitted on equal terms. Allowing women to be admitted on equal terms was an incredible opportunity, as there were very few places they could be educated.
  • 1853:  Published Sexual diseases: their causes, prevention, and cure, on physiological principles

1853 Published  The new hydropathic cook-book: with recipes for cooking on hygienic principles: containing also a philosophical exposition of the relations of food to health: the chemical elements and proximate constitution of alimentary principles: the nutritive properties

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