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Dr. Susanna Way Dodds – Publications


Dodds, Susanna. (1884). The Diet Question. New York, Fowler & Wells Co. 140 pages.

  • Dr. Dodds opens with, “What is this hygienic diet?” She states, “All persons who are thorough hygienists, according to the teachings of the late R T. Trail, M.D., believe that inorganic substances are incapable of nourishing or building up the vital structures of our bodies.” 
  • In this book, Dr. Dodds covers the many aspects of the hygienic diet. In part one, she discusses the reasons why: Health in the household, Food, and Physical Development, with a deep dive into the food groups (fruits, vegetables, bread, meats, milk, butter, eggs, salt, sugar, tea, coffee, alcohol, condiments, and abstaining from drinking at meals, etc.), dietician rules, cooking tips. 
  • This link above contains only part I, with an index of parts I, II, and III; the total volume is 602 pages.
  • Part II discusses the hygienic diet, focusing on bread. Part III contains recipes for cakes, pies, puddings, desserts, jellies, jams, vegetables, etc. 
In this book, The Diet Question,
Dr. Dodds covers the many aspects of the hygienic diet.

Dodds, Susanna. (1891). Health in the Household, or Hygienic Cookery. New York, Fowler & Wells Co. 602 pages. Part I of the Diet Question has been reprinted as Health in the Household with parts II and III.

Dodds, Susanna. “Dr. Trall and His Work.” The Phrenological Journal and Science of Health, vol. 108, no. 9, 1899.

Dodds, Susanna. (1901). The Liver and the Kidneys. Passaic, NJ: Health-Culture. 

Dodds, Susanna. (1910). Race Culture: Mother and Child. New York: Health-Culture Co.; London: L.N. Fowler. 507 pages.

  • This book aims to teach women the secret of health and happiness and how enlightened motherhood will improve the race. The diseases women suffer tend to disqualify them from this lofty mission. The question then arises whether these physical ailments are preventable. Already, the most intelligent physicians in the land have answered in the affirmative.
  • Women can only do the work they were created to do at home or elsewhere once they have good, sound bodies. Future mothers should have intellectual and moral worth and be fine specimens of physical vigor. Women who are sick or disabled are in no condition to give birth. Their vital resistance is low, and they and their offspring are ready to become the victims of every morbid influence.
  • The topics in the book cover pregnancy, parturition, disorders of pregnancy, abortion, labor, abnormal presentations, care and feeding of infants, care and training of children, infantile & children’s diseases, how to live one hundred years, and in the appendix the topic water as a therapeutic agent was covered.
  • This book was published the year before she died at age 80.

Dodds, Susanna. Dodds, Mary. Curing by Hygiene: No Medicines. St. Louis, Mo.: [publisher not identified], [between 1886 and 1909].

  • This article examines what constitutes a disease. Dr. Dodds discusses various disorders that she has treated, including dyspepsia, diseases of women, and chronic diseases. Next, she focuses on the hygienic system, including diet, bathing, clothing, and the non-use of drugs or stimulants.

Dodds, Susanna. (1915). Drugless Medicine: Hygeiotherapy. Health-Culture Co.

  • Susanna spent the last part of her life writing. She was published in 1915, four years after she died (January 20th, 1911), at the age of 80.

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