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James C. Jackson, M.D.
December 29, 2021
James C. Jackson, M.D.


James Caleb Jackson, M.D., received his degree in medicine from Syracuse College, focused on nutrition, and created the first breakfast cereal called Granula.

Throughout the first part of his life, he suffered from poor health, and he eventually became the patient of Dr. Gleason, a hydro-hygienist. After four months under this care, Jackson partnered with Dr. Gleason and Theodosia Gilbert, establishing a Hygienic Institute known as the Glen Haven Water Cure. Jackson remained there until 1858, when he opened Our Home Hygienic Institute, becoming the largest Hygienic Institution in the world. During the early 1860s, Mrs. Ellen G. White, founder of the Seventh Day Adventist Movement, visited Dr. Jackson’s institution for treatment. There, she experienced the principles of natural hygiene firsthand and incorporated some of Jackson’s teachings into the Seventh-Day Adventist Church’s tenets.

Dr. Jackson’s principles included simple food, clean air & water, sunshine, solid sleep, exercise, and hydropathy treatments as required. He was an influential natural health practitioner of the 19th century and one of the great pioneers leading to the National Hygiene Movement, which became a cornerstone of the National Health Association.

“It is because the world stands so much in need of this knowledge that we are determined to make it available to those who might come within our influence. And though we have had to suffer as almost all persons who undertake new truths, we have been enabled to endure, and that is what always wins victories.

Excerpt From

The Greatest Health Discovery

Sylvester Graham, Russell T. Trall, and Herbert M. Shelton

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